Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stick It To Me

Yesterday Jules and I both finished our pin cushions. I think it turns out pretty well, but there are some things I would probably do differently next time. I'm pretty great at sewing straight lines (well at least my machine is), but the curved lines of the circles really challenged me with this one. That definitely something I need to practice. Also, I think I would have stuffed mine a little bit more and also tried to get the tension on the embroidery floss a little more even. But all in all it was a fin project and I LOVE LOVE LOVED working with these fabrics. This line of fabric is a cotton sateen home decor weight fabric. I was actually at my local A.C.Moore looking for polyfil when I spotted this fabric. It was packaged as a set of four fabrics, but it had no indications of who designed it only the name of the company that packaged it up. I knew it looked familiar and since I loved it, I purchased it and did a little research when I got home. It is in fact Joel Dewberry Ginseng in Spice! It's lovely to work with and I have plenty of extra to make some more goodies.

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Wendy said...

Hey great job! I love the twin sew along, even though i'm late to discover it. This fabric reminds me of my wedding colors.