Friday, September 17, 2010

Twin Sew Along

Jules (my lovely twin sister, wife of David, mother of Henry) and I have decided to start something new...or maybe I have (very lovingly might I add) persuaded Jules to do this with me. I LOVE to sew, but sometimes learning all by myself is a challenge. So why not do some projects with a buddy and learn from each other? Well folks, that's what we're doing. Announcing the first ever Twin Sew Along! Jules and I will be doing the same sewing project at the same time and we will both be posting about them on our blogs.

Even if you're not a twin, feel free to join us! (just let us know if you are).

Our first project? A sewing necessity...a pin cushion a la Creative Kismet. Our thought is to start slow and work our way up to doing something more complicated like a dress following a pattern, like this one. (but not too complicated because this dress doesn't requiring a lining or a zipper!)

Plenty of creations to come!

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