Monday, December 14, 2009

here are some of my favorites....

Because I know you're all so interested (ok, maybe not, but since this is MY blog, you're going to have to deal) I'm going to share some of my favorite blogs with you.

This one is great. Colin shares her secrets about bargain shopping. She posts coupons, store sales, on line deals, etc. Check this out to read more about her story.

I really love this one because sometimes the comment sections have some great conversations going on. Sometimes they can get quite heated...people criticizing Colin, then fans defending her. Really does get entertaining sometimes. Another great thing about this site is that it's like a community. Colin gets information from readers about sales, deals, freebies, and they will also leave information in the comment sections about deals that Colin hasn't highlighted.

I know what you're thinking...this doesn't sound very interesting. But really, I enjoy this one and she posts throughout the day. Colin speaks to the part of me that LOVES getting a bargain!

Thanks Cara for this recommendation!

If you've never been over to NieNie Dialogues you must. I think I spent a whole afternoon once reading through her past posts just so I could learn her story. Stephanie Nielson and her husband Christian were in a airplane crash in the summer of 2008. Christian and Stephanie survived the crash, but their pilot did not. Here you can read more about their incredible story (warning: I cried through some of this...typical). Both Christian and Stephanie were severely burned during the crash and her blog (kept up by her sister during her recovery) is a an inside look into a woman's struggle to become the mother and wife she used to be. Before Stephanie's accident she already had a strong following on her blog as she recounted her experiences as a wife and mother. After the accident the blog has been reported to have received tens of thousands of hits a day.

I enjoy reading Stephanie's blog posts daily to learn more about her recovery, and to be inspired by her strong spirit and her adventurous kids. The way she writes lets you look into her inner thoughts and how she is feeling as she goes through experiences many of us couldn't even imagine.

I have just recently found this one via another blog that I read. The Style Rookie is a blog written by a 13 year-old girl named Tavi. About a year and a half ago Tavi started getting more curious about fashion, so she decided to start a blog (unbeknown be her parents) which started getting a lot of buzz. Tavi is a very original girl that thinks of fashion as an outward expression of art. Tavi become so well known in the blogosphere that she got invited to exclusive fashion shows and after-parties during fashion week, even the hard to get into Marc Jacobs (accompanied by an adult of course). She also was part of the inspiration for the Rodarte line for Target. In fact, apparently her parents didn't even know much about her blog or how popular their daughter was getting until she asked for permission to appear in a New York Times magazine story.

Apparently there were some who were skeptical that the blog was actually written by Tavi herself and they argued her parents were doing the writing. But Tavi truly is the only one behind this blog. She's original and I would want to be her friend if I were 13...ok, I would be her friend at the age of 25 if only I were cool enough for her. ;)

I think Tavi is very funny and also very insightful when it comes to fashion. Check her out it.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


If you're looking for some cute holiday blogger templates, just click Here. This is the post I did last year. Sorry, I don't have any new ones, but I hope to find some time to start doing this again.

Happy Holidays to all!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Free $$$

So, Rue La La is doing it again. If you sign up before Dec. 24th, then they'll give you a $10 credit to go towards any purchase. Just click here to sign up to get your credit.

If you haven't heard of Rue La La before it's a free invitation only sample sale site. Check them out!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

ideeli: Burberry Giveaway tomorrow!!!!! is giving away this great Burberry Filelding Leather Tote tomorrow!
The giveaway starts tomorrow November 6, 2009 at 1:30 pm EST and will end at 8:30 pm EST. For a chance to win, make sure you log into ideeli and enter! You can only enter if you are an ideeli member, so if you need to join, just click here!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Should I? No, yes, no,....ok here it goes

So I'm having an inner struggle trying to decide if I should tell the blogosphere (as well as many friends and family who I love and respect) about a recent obsession of mine. But here it goes....

I've always known I'm the type of person that gets addicted easily to things: TV shows, books, candy (seriously craving chocolate right now), shopping (Phil would totally agree with this one, but I have to say I don't actually SPEND a lot of money for which he should be grateful!). But I never thought I would spend maybe 6-12 hours of my week engrossed in just one frivilous thing. Oh it's so hard to admint...My name is Jennifer Singer and I'm a Grey's Anatomy-aholic (reruns on Lifetime). They're on M-TH at 6,7,and 8. That's right, three episodes a day, 12 episodes a week, way too many episodes a month.

This all started when Phil left me all alone (really it's not his fault) for someone else (and when I say someone else I mean a hospital in Wisonsin...not permanent). One evening I was sitting on the couch waiting for my dinner to get done cooking, when I realized there was nothing on and I'm aimlessly flipping through the stations (because that's what I do) when this little known channel called Lifetime (only known to me because of their awesomely-bad made-for-TV movies) comes on and I see an episode of Grey's Anatomy on. Now normally I try to tame my TV watching when Phil's around so he won't get the wrong idea about me (yes, we've been married for 3 years, but I still don't think he fully understands how lame I shhh, keep it a secret!) I try to stick to the Food Network or HGTV. But with no one around except for me and the occasionally squirrel rumaging through our garbage can out the window, I figured, hey why not? I mean there's got to be some reason why there are millions watching this show, right? Well, there is. Reason: The plot is so dynamic (i.e. twisted and not based in reality) that you can't stop watching or you'll miss I've kept watching and haven't stopped.

You wouldn't believe the drama that goes on at Seattle Grace (or maybe you can becuase you're familiar with the ER/Chicago Hope type show). I'm always sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see if Izzy is going to get over Denny, or if George is going to pass his exam and become a resident, or if Meredith is FINALLY going to see that Derek really does love her unconditionally. All this is thrown around with brain surgeries, experimental liver transplants, the power struggle among cocky surgeons, and the occassional dance party.

And really, who doesn't like a good dance party?

But last night Phil came home from his weekly 4 day trip right in the middle of an episode and just rolled his know, in the "oh, Jennifer, you're so silly, but I still love you dearly" kind of way. I mean I don't think I'm ignoring my responsibilities. During the first episode I usually do my workout on the treadmill, and then during the second I make dinner, and then I sit down to enjoy the third. But is it really that bad? Should I stop watching this show? Is there anyone else out there who can realte?

Love, Jen

**please no comments Phil...or Mom! Mom I already know your answer!!! :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

This week's ideeli highlights

There are A LOT of sales going on this week on ideeli. Too many in fact for me to list them all in a timely manner. So, here are some highlights.

Donald J. Pliner
Save up to: 56%Off
Prices start at: $97

These are great handbags. I've seen them over at TJ Maxx occasionally for well over $150! So you might be able to find a good deal here.

Save up to: 60%Off

Prices start at: $22
With prices starting at $22 you're bound to find a good deal!

Donna Ricco
Save up to: 58%Off
Prices start at: $55

I remember buying a Donna Ricco dress for my 8th grade semi-formal! I promise these styles are updated for 2009.

Suit Separates and Outwear
Save up to: 78%Off
Prices start at: $29

I love the look of this jacket. It would be perfect for the weather right now in Boston!

Save up to: 54%Off
Prices start at: $47

I will definitely be checking out this sale. Gwyneth Shoes are a line of comfortable shoes for real women. They believe a woman should not compromise comfort for fashion. They apparently have a patented comfort sole system in every pair. Plus they carry up to a size 14 women's! I wish more shoe companies had this philosophy!

Save up to: 52%Off
Prices start at: $37

Find some great designer pillows for your home from Trilogy!

Remember, new sales start daily on at 11 am est and last for 48 hours!

To sign up for just click here!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

For the Kate Spade lovers out there...

Tomorrow on Rue La, they are having an essential handbag sale which will include designers Furla, Francesco Biasia, Rafe New York, and KATE SPADE! The sale starts at 11 am est and will last 48 hours or until sold out. I have no idea what the prices will be...but it's not very often you find Kate Spade on sale! Since I just purchased a Kate Spade bag I'm not sure Phil will let me purchase another in the same calendar year (or even the same decade) but it never hurts to look!

If you've never heard of Rue La La, it's... an exclusive, invitation-only online destination where Members discover premier-brand, private sale Boutiques, each open for just a brief window of time. Our focus is a well-edited collection of sought-after offerings from the best brand names in the world - combined with helpful service.

To join, just click here!

This week at ideeli (10/20-10/23)

Check out all the great sales this week on ideeli. You can find some great bargains on designers such as Bill Blass, Betsy Johnson, Donald Pilner and much more!

Tuesday, 10/20/09

Save up to: 62%Off
Prices start at: $99

Marquis & Camus
Save up to: 66%Off

Prices start at: $59

Wednesday, 10/21/09

Me (el)
Save up to: 70%Off
Prices start at: $19

Adam + Eve
Save up to: 66%Off
Prices start at: $59

Bill Blass
Save up to: 71%Off
Prices start at: $149

Thursday, 10/22/09

Save up to: 73%Off
Prices start at: $25

Men’s Cold Weather items
Save up to: 61%Off
Prices start at: $39

Alexia Admor
RTW (Dresses)
Save up to: 76%Off
Prices start at: $69

Friday, 10/23/09

Betsey Johnson
Save up to: 69%Off
Prices start at: $85

Save up to: 59%Off
Prices start at: $49

Donald Pilner
**Pricing is unavailable**

Children’s Outerwear
**Pricing is unavailable**

ideeli is the first members-only shopping community in the U.S. They offer limited-time sale events that feature the most sought-after brands in fashion, home and beauty -- at up to 80% off. Membership is by invitation only and there is no fee to join. To join, just click here!

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Adventures of Toothie....

Note: this post is mostly my effort to journal my teeth experiences and for my posterity. If you have no interest in my dental history, please disregard.

My coworker nicknamed my front tooth "toothie" and told me that if I ever got a new one I should register at CVS and she would throw my a shower.

But why would I need a new one you my ask?

Well, it all started about 9 years ago on a windy day a Joey's Park in Belmont, MA by Winnbrook Elementary School. Julia and I were warming up together at softball practice...and with one pass to me and a gust of wind, I was in the pre-school bathroom (very short sinks) looking at a bloody mouth, one chipped tooth, and one broken tooth. (side note #1: this was not Julia's fault...I blame it on the wind, or possibly my sad softball abilities) I'm hazy on all the details...but over the next three years and after many many appointments I came out with one root canal, one metal post, and a porcelain crown. (Did I mention this is one of my front upper know, the ones everyone sees when they look at you?)

Then I was off to college. The first porcelain crown served me well for the first couple years at school until another fateful day during a basketball game. I was guarding Julia during an intramural game (which turned into a scrimmage due to the other team not having enough players). Julia was posting up down-low and her teammate passed her the ball. Julia wasn't ready for the pass (she swears she wasn't open, so that's why she wasn't expecting the pass) and she flung her head backwards right into my mouth housing my lovely porcelain crown. The crown cracked and fell out and thus was born crown # 2. (side note #2: a couple months after my second crown was put in on my front tooth I found out that one of back molars had also cracked due to having two fillings put in right next to each other which caused that tooth to now I have two crowns). Thanks to my lovely Aunt JoAnn, I found a great dentist in Provo who did a smashing job on crown #2.

Crown #2 was also holding up quite well for quite a got me through the rest of college and graduate school. Then, in August of '08 we were at the beach one day with E&B and the kids, and I bit down into a candy and part of my crown chipped off in the back which caused the crown to come a little bit loose. But I couldn't do anything about it because Phil and I were both unemployed at the time and we didn't have dental coverage or any money. So I tried not to use that tooth until I could go see my dentist. Then about 5 months ago my dentist took the crown off and reattached it.

This now brings us to last month. I woke up one morning and my crown felt a little bit loose. I hadn't done anything to it, so I thought maybe I was clenching my teeth or something and that did something to it. But once again, I just ignored it and thought, well it isn't that loose so it would probably be OK for a little while. Last weekend I was in Utah for Julia's baby shower and I bit down on a chicken salad sandwich and I heard/felt my crown crack. It had come a bit more loose. I decided I would make an appoint with my dentist for my 6 month and have her look at it. Then yesterday during our Sunday School lesson, I was wrapping things up, reminding the kids that they need to behave during our Primary Program practices, and my crown + the metal post just fell out mid sentence. I fit right in since half of our class is also missing that same tooth. But I ran to the car, Phil wrapped up the class and then we drove right home and I called the dentist's emergency line. I saw the dentist this morning, and the news was not good.

Apparently my tooth (or what still exists of that tooth) has fractured due to normal movement of the metal post. She said this was inevitable in a tooth that has had a root canal w/ a metal post, so that's why it just fell out. Why didn't anyone warn me that this could happen? Who knows. But my dentist told me I needed to go see an oral surgeon who would perform an extraction and put an implant in it's place. In the meantime, she attached my crown back on with some cement and told me to pray that it would stay in until I could get an appointment to see about that extraction.

apparently, this is what a dental implant looks like...ouch!

In my conversations with friends, family, and coworkers, I've come to the conclusion that lots of people have similar issues with their teeth, they just don't talk about it as much. So to ease my anxiety about the coming extraction (think wisdom teeth...but in the front), at least I can take comfort in the fact that I'm not alone in the extraction/dental implant arena. (side note #3: somehow this doesn't comfort me one bit....)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This Week at ideeli (10/13-10/16)

There are some great sales events @ ideeli this week ranging from the playful, care free brand-Free People to some stellar designer labels-Mackage and Soia.

Tuesday, 10/13/09

Sweet Pea
Save up to: 57%Off
Prices start at: $25

Calvin Klein
Handbags and Luggage
Save up to: 60%Off
Prices start at: $32

Wednesday, 10/14/09

Free People
Save up to: 65%Off
Prices start at: $25

Pur Cashmere
Save up to: 60%Off
Prices start at: $24

Pure Sugar/Collective Concept
Contemporary Designer
Save up to: 65%Off
Prices start at: $25

Thursday, 10/15/09

Save up to: 66%Off
Prices start at: $19

LSG Designs
Save up to: 63%Off
Prices start at: $54

Paper, Denim & Cloth
Save up to: 83%Off
Prices start at: $29

Friday, 10/16/09

Designer Outerwear
Save up to: 47% Off
Prices start at: $47

Save up to: 72%Off
Prices start at: $25

Adrienne Vittadini
Save up to: 56%Off
Prices start at: $44

Chooka Boots
Save up to: 49%Off
Prices start at: $72

ideeli is the first members-only shopping community in the U.S. They offer limited-time sale events that feature the most sought-after brands in fashion, home and beauty -- at up to 80% off. Membership is by invitation only and there is no fee to join. To join, just click here!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This Week on ideeli

I have become an blogger, which means that weekly I will post what sales are coming up this week. Enjoy!
ideeli is the first members-only shopping community in the U.S. They offer limited-time sale events that feature the most sought-after brands in fashion, home and beauty -- at up to 80% off!! To join, just click here.

Wednesday, 10/7/09:

Voom by Joy Han
RTW (Contemporary)

Save up to: 83%Off
Prices start at: $45

Cashmere & Leather Gloves
Save up to: 66%Off
Prices start at: $12

Thursday, 10/8/2009

Save up to: 63%Off
Prices start at: $59

Friday, 10/9/09

Lara Kazan
RTW (Contemporary)
Save up to: 70%Off
Prices start at: $29

Save up to: 58%Off
Prices start at: $14

Stephanie b.
Save up to: 59%Off
Prices start at: $25

Save up to: 61%Off

Prices start at: $29

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

For my birthday Phil gave me a choice. Either I could buy myself a new purse (which I have have been delaying since the cost of leather purses are insane!) or a new camera. I opted to see if I could find a purse first and if I couldn't then have him get me a camera.

So last Friday I ventured down to the outlets in Wrentham, MA. They have many outlets there, including Coach, Kate Spade, Cole Haan, etc. So I thought I would try my luck. Boy was luck on my side! I ended up with this beautiful purse from Kate Spade for almost 80% off! It was tucked away on the bottom of the clearance shelf in the back of the store. It was marked down about 50%, with a tag saying it was another 25% off because of some scratches (which are NOT noticable and are pretty much typical in a leather purse), plus another 40% off for being a clearance item! I had to do a double take because it was the only purse of it's size and kind on that shelf, but sure enough when I took it up to the register it was well within my comfortable zone for a purse purchase. And the best part about buying something from a designer store? (albeit an outlet...but who cares!) They buffed and cleaned the leather for me before packaging it up for me! So it came home with me all shiny and clean.

And the lining of the purse is a really pretty green abstract floral print, which I love. A nice hidden surprise everytime I open it.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Etsy Update - UPDATED w/ PHOTOS

*** UPDATE*** Per Julia and Margaret's requests I have added picturers of the baby blankets....

This first one is a zebra print, backed with lilac flannel, and stitched with a magenta thread. I found the zebra print on sale at JoAnnes for $2.50 - it was a remnant sale and a full yard!

This second one is the second blanket I made for Jules....but we might keep this one. I love this fabric and I don't know if I'll ever find it again. The Fabric is brown with red, yellow, and blue flowers. It is backed with a baby blue flannel and stiched with brown thread.

So since I started my etsy shop I have made 9 sales! I think that's pretty successful considering I have only been up and running for 5 months and I work full time at a job that generates much more income and provides wonderful benefits! Below are a few of the items I have sold.

Recently, I've delved more into the world of making baby blankets. I have to give some thanks for this to my sister Julia, who is expecting her first. I made the first blanket for her little girl later to find out that she's not having a girl, but a boy. Then I found out she thought the boy blanket I made was too girlie. I've finally made a third blanket that I hope will satisfy all gender requirements. But because of this I have really rediscovered the world of sewing and my mom's old Singer sewing machine. (Yes, there are many punny jokes just waiting to make their debut, but I will refrain.) Anyway, after becoming quite good at making baby blankets, finding some fabric on sale at JoAnn's, and findig a whole pile of old fabric I intended to use to make humanitarian baby blankets, I am now making some more. My first thought was just to have a stock pile of baby gifts, but on second thought...this might be a good item for etsy. Although, I am quite hesitant to start selling them because I know I'm no way near being a great sewer. Your thoughts