Monday, October 19, 2009

The Adventures of Toothie....

Note: this post is mostly my effort to journal my teeth experiences and for my posterity. If you have no interest in my dental history, please disregard.

My coworker nicknamed my front tooth "toothie" and told me that if I ever got a new one I should register at CVS and she would throw my a shower.

But why would I need a new one you my ask?

Well, it all started about 9 years ago on a windy day a Joey's Park in Belmont, MA by Winnbrook Elementary School. Julia and I were warming up together at softball practice...and with one pass to me and a gust of wind, I was in the pre-school bathroom (very short sinks) looking at a bloody mouth, one chipped tooth, and one broken tooth. (side note #1: this was not Julia's fault...I blame it on the wind, or possibly my sad softball abilities) I'm hazy on all the details...but over the next three years and after many many appointments I came out with one root canal, one metal post, and a porcelain crown. (Did I mention this is one of my front upper know, the ones everyone sees when they look at you?)

Then I was off to college. The first porcelain crown served me well for the first couple years at school until another fateful day during a basketball game. I was guarding Julia during an intramural game (which turned into a scrimmage due to the other team not having enough players). Julia was posting up down-low and her teammate passed her the ball. Julia wasn't ready for the pass (she swears she wasn't open, so that's why she wasn't expecting the pass) and she flung her head backwards right into my mouth housing my lovely porcelain crown. The crown cracked and fell out and thus was born crown # 2. (side note #2: a couple months after my second crown was put in on my front tooth I found out that one of back molars had also cracked due to having two fillings put in right next to each other which caused that tooth to now I have two crowns). Thanks to my lovely Aunt JoAnn, I found a great dentist in Provo who did a smashing job on crown #2.

Crown #2 was also holding up quite well for quite a got me through the rest of college and graduate school. Then, in August of '08 we were at the beach one day with E&B and the kids, and I bit down into a candy and part of my crown chipped off in the back which caused the crown to come a little bit loose. But I couldn't do anything about it because Phil and I were both unemployed at the time and we didn't have dental coverage or any money. So I tried not to use that tooth until I could go see my dentist. Then about 5 months ago my dentist took the crown off and reattached it.

This now brings us to last month. I woke up one morning and my crown felt a little bit loose. I hadn't done anything to it, so I thought maybe I was clenching my teeth or something and that did something to it. But once again, I just ignored it and thought, well it isn't that loose so it would probably be OK for a little while. Last weekend I was in Utah for Julia's baby shower and I bit down on a chicken salad sandwich and I heard/felt my crown crack. It had come a bit more loose. I decided I would make an appoint with my dentist for my 6 month and have her look at it. Then yesterday during our Sunday School lesson, I was wrapping things up, reminding the kids that they need to behave during our Primary Program practices, and my crown + the metal post just fell out mid sentence. I fit right in since half of our class is also missing that same tooth. But I ran to the car, Phil wrapped up the class and then we drove right home and I called the dentist's emergency line. I saw the dentist this morning, and the news was not good.

Apparently my tooth (or what still exists of that tooth) has fractured due to normal movement of the metal post. She said this was inevitable in a tooth that has had a root canal w/ a metal post, so that's why it just fell out. Why didn't anyone warn me that this could happen? Who knows. But my dentist told me I needed to go see an oral surgeon who would perform an extraction and put an implant in it's place. In the meantime, she attached my crown back on with some cement and told me to pray that it would stay in until I could get an appointment to see about that extraction.

apparently, this is what a dental implant looks like...ouch!

In my conversations with friends, family, and coworkers, I've come to the conclusion that lots of people have similar issues with their teeth, they just don't talk about it as much. So to ease my anxiety about the coming extraction (think wisdom teeth...but in the front), at least I can take comfort in the fact that I'm not alone in the extraction/dental implant arena. (side note #3: somehow this doesn't comfort me one bit....)


Julia Mar said...

Thanks for not blaming me even though I am involved in every step of this adventure with Toothie, except for that last one. I couldn't help laughing. I think this story also highlights our really awesome athletic skills. I'm so glad you shared. Good luck with the extraction. Keep me posted. (no pun intended)

Rita said...

Uncle Glenn used to work on me with smelling salts in his pocket in case I passed out! Guess I can't be too comforting to you! What a hastle, though!!! I am so sorry that you have to go through all of that--and that it has to be such a drawn-out process. It would have been so nice to get it all over with this morning. What a pain! (No pun intended)

Dani said...

I have two implants - they're in the back of my mouth, but the process really isn't that bad. I even got one of them put in while I was several months pregnant and they couldn't put me out for it. I wish my stories of how they came about were as good as your stories though - I just had failed root canals. Good luck and you'll be fine!

Erin said...

You know it's a good post when your sister is laughing out loud in her office and her co-workers come in dying to know what is so now they're reading about your tooth too! I am suspicious of Julia, though...she always had it out for your teeth...I can see her sitting in her cubicle at Zbank reading this, rubbing her hands together " dastardly plan has finally come full circle!". Just kidding...I know Jules only wants the best for your teeth. And, hey, what about a pic of your toothless's Halloween...come on, throw us a bone here!

Phil and Jen Singer said...

No chance I'm going to post a photo. No one needs to see that. Plus, this sucker is cemented on pretty well right now and I have no desire to relive Sunday afternoon.

sclark9 said...

Jen, You are quite a always handling your challenges with dignity! Good luck with the longprocessand may the temporary stay tightly in place until you can get the implant!

This was a fun post to read this AM of the day before Thanksgiving after having to aabort our trip to Boston and missing all of you soooo much because the anticipation was sooo exciting!