Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

For my birthday Phil gave me a choice. Either I could buy myself a new purse (which I have have been delaying since the cost of leather purses are insane!) or a new camera. I opted to see if I could find a purse first and if I couldn't then have him get me a camera.

So last Friday I ventured down to the outlets in Wrentham, MA. They have many outlets there, including Coach, Kate Spade, Cole Haan, etc. So I thought I would try my luck. Boy was luck on my side! I ended up with this beautiful purse from Kate Spade for almost 80% off! It was tucked away on the bottom of the clearance shelf in the back of the store. It was marked down about 50%, with a tag saying it was another 25% off because of some scratches (which are NOT noticable and are pretty much typical in a leather purse), plus another 40% off for being a clearance item! I had to do a double take because it was the only purse of it's size and kind on that shelf, but sure enough when I took it up to the register it was well within my comfortable zone for a purse purchase. And the best part about buying something from a designer store? (albeit an outlet...but who cares!) They buffed and cleaned the leather for me before packaging it up for me! So it came home with me all shiny and clean.

And the lining of the purse is a really pretty green abstract floral print, which I love. A nice hidden surprise everytime I open it.

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