Monday, August 24, 2009

Etsy Update - UPDATED w/ PHOTOS

*** UPDATE*** Per Julia and Margaret's requests I have added picturers of the baby blankets....

This first one is a zebra print, backed with lilac flannel, and stitched with a magenta thread. I found the zebra print on sale at JoAnnes for $2.50 - it was a remnant sale and a full yard!

This second one is the second blanket I made for Jules....but we might keep this one. I love this fabric and I don't know if I'll ever find it again. The Fabric is brown with red, yellow, and blue flowers. It is backed with a baby blue flannel and stiched with brown thread.

So since I started my etsy shop I have made 9 sales! I think that's pretty successful considering I have only been up and running for 5 months and I work full time at a job that generates much more income and provides wonderful benefits! Below are a few of the items I have sold.

Recently, I've delved more into the world of making baby blankets. I have to give some thanks for this to my sister Julia, who is expecting her first. I made the first blanket for her little girl later to find out that she's not having a girl, but a boy. Then I found out she thought the boy blanket I made was too girlie. I've finally made a third blanket that I hope will satisfy all gender requirements. But because of this I have really rediscovered the world of sewing and my mom's old Singer sewing machine. (Yes, there are many punny jokes just waiting to make their debut, but I will refrain.) Anyway, after becoming quite good at making baby blankets, finding some fabric on sale at JoAnn's, and findig a whole pile of old fabric I intended to use to make humanitarian baby blankets, I am now making some more. My first thought was just to have a stock pile of baby gifts, but on second thought...this might be a good item for etsy. Although, I am quite hesitant to start selling them because I know I'm no way near being a great sewer. Your thoughts


Julia Mar said...

I say let's see 'em! Then we can decide. I didn't know you had already made 2 blankets! If I had known that, I would have said, GREAT, I LOVE IT. But I'm glad I was able to facilitate this rediscovery.

Julia Mar said...

Well shoot. I really like that 2nd blanket, but it may still be a bit on the girly side for me. Jen, I really like these blankets. I say go for it! Sell them if you enjoy making them.