Monday, April 27, 2009


No, I don't have any new blogger designs to share...but I do want to share with you my newest venture.

I've recently discovered a Goodwill store in Davis Sq (I scored a cute pair of silver sandals there for $5!) which I sometimes stop by on my way home from work. Also on the same street is a store called Poor Little Rich Girl, which features vintage and contemporary used clothing and accessories. In the recent past I have also become a HUGE fan of, which is filled to the brim with awesome shops sporting handmade and vintage items. I have loved browsing both etsy as well as thrift stores and I thought I too should venture into opening my own etsy shop featuring my handmade and vintage/thrifty I did! (For any of you out there thinking about starting an etsy shop, it's really easy!)

By default (because this is the user name I chose when I signed up to join the etsy community) my shops name is JNGRL7... (jen girl 7 - jen is my name, I'm a girl, and I'm the 7th child). Yes, silly I know, but it's the screen name I chose when I was 12 or 13 when I signed up for instant messaging, and it's just stuck. My inventory is low, considering I'm still in the start-up stages, but I hope to beef it up soon. I only have four items listed: a vintage scarf, a leather suede purse, and then two items I got in Ghana, but haven't ever used or gifted away. I'm hoping in the near future to add some vintage clothing - depending on what I can find on my thrifty adventures.

This newest venture isn't so much me wanting to make money, but me finding a creative outlet. In the past, designing blogger designs has been a great creative outlet, but with low computer memory, fading internet signals down in the basement, an old computer, and not so state of the art software its been hard to do. I'm a big believer that I'm happier when I have something that's all my own that allows me to explore my interests. Not only does this enable me to have some creative expression with choosing items, writing up descriptions, taking pictures...but it also fills one of my addictions - bargain shopping. Phil can attest, I LOVE to shop. And no, I don't spend a lot of money, or even buy a lot of stuff, but its the act of actually going shopping and rifling through the sale racks that gives me some kind of sick enjoyment (much to Phil's dismay), even though I may not even make a purchase.

So, if you're interested or have never explored etsy, take a look.

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