Saturday, September 6, 2008

How To Create Your Own Blogger Template

So here's how to create your own blog template.

1. You need to download digital scrap booking elements. They are exactly like what you would buy for conventional scrap booking (like ribbons, papers, alphabets, sticker, etc.) but they are digital! You can find them all over the place for free...but I like to use Go to their freebies page, search for things, and it will take you directly to the designer's websites. A lot of websites are in other you might learn a few words like the word "free" in French or German. (WARNING: these files are rather large, because essentially they are pictures...)

2. Figure out which design program works best for you. I think Adobe Illustrator or Photo Shop would work the best, but I don't have either of of those, so I use Microsoft Publisher. You can also use Microsoft PPT or any other program that lets your design things. You need to create a canvas that's abou 14.5" wide and 10" high.

3. Then copy and paste elements into your workbook and start designing! You need to make the middle panel, where your blog posts will be about 7.5" to 8" wide.

4. When you're done bedazzling your design, save what you have made as a picture. In publisher, all you have to do is group all the elements into one object and right click and save as picture.

5. Then create an account on Upload your picture to photobucket, making sure you choose the option to reduce to 1 megabyte file size, which will allow that your template will cover the whole screen.

6. After you have uploaded your picture, underneath it you can copy the direct link for that picture. This is the direct link that I have referred to in the previous post on how to change your blog template.

It's fairly simple, but if you have trouble just send me a note and I will see if I can help you out!

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